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A delivery that doesn't happen so often and that makes us particularly proud. For Adriastrade and the Coletto company, six new Hitachi excavators: from mini to compact from 40 to 100 quintals. Also "Christening" are the first two models of the exceptional ZX95USB-7, the new 100 quintal compact which further elevates the already high performance of the previous ZX85 by introducing new standards of comfort and equipment. The first to arrive in Friuli Venezia Giulia and ready to get to work! The Hitachi ZX95USB-7 is therefore a machine designed to meet the needs of professionals in the sector, combining high performance, comfort and advanced technologies to improve efficiency and safety at work. • A powerful motor that provides excellent energy efficiency and reliable performance. • An advanced hydraulic system that allows smooth and precise movements, improving productivity and safety on the construction site. • A spacious, well-designed cab featuring an adjustable seat and ergonomic controls to reduce operator fatigue. • Excellent visibility thanks to large, well-positioned windows, which offer a clear view of the work area. • An advanced climate control system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin in all weather conditions. Advanced features • Advanced monitoring and management technology that allows you to control and optimize machine performance. • Integrated safety systems, such as reversing cameras and proximity sensors, to improve safety on the construction site. • Advanced connectivity that allows you to monitor machine conditions remotely, facilitating preventative maintenance and reducing downtime. Compact and versatile design • Small dimensions that allow operation in confined spaces without sacrificing power and efficiency. • Triple arm offering greater flexibility of movement and better digging capacity.